Friday 25 October 2013

October Birchbox Review

Hello again! I'd been interested in subscribing to a beauty subscription box for a while now and after reading far too many negative reviews about Glossybox I decided to bite the bullet and try out Birchbox. My October box arrived this week and i'm really happy with the things I received so I thought i'd show what I got and tell you my initial thoughts on the products so far!

Inside the box there were lots of helpful tips and tricks cards with advice on how to use the products inside, new product releases and even app suggestions. However, one of my favourite things about the box is that it comes with a card telling you all about the products and their regular RRP prices, which highlight what good value this box is, as the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant for example usually retails for £67.00, so this is a great way of sampling high end brands.

All of the products came in this little drawstring bag, which is a lovely touch because it's a great way of storing your new samples.

Now, onto the products! 

The thing I was most excited about was this Laura Mercier Foundation Primer as i've never tried anything from Laura Mercier before and I tried it this morning and am really liking it so far. The little letter from the Birchbox team says that there will also be a Laura Mercier product in the November box, so i'm excited to try out more from the brand as i've heard such great things about it.

Next was this exfoliant from Dr. Brandt. Honestly i've never heard of this brand before, but considering the full size version is almost £70 I have high expectations and am looking forward to trying this out! 

Next was this Curl Up Wave Foam Mousse from KMS California. Apparently it should be worked through towel-dried hair to enhance waves and protect your hair from heat damage. I hate my naturally wavy hair as it's a bit unruly, so hopefully this will help!

The next product was this lip/cheek stain from theBalm cosmetics. I don't tend to buy these kinds of products as i'm so bad at blending stains into my cheeks and usually opt for powder blushes instead! Nonetheless, this is a lovely colour so i'll definitely give it a try, if not as a cheek stain, then definitely on the lips.

Here's a swatch:

Now the next product inside this month's Birchbox was a bit odd, as it actually started off life as a nipple balm! This Nipple Balm For Lips by Dr. Lipp "hydrates and repairs dry flaky skin". I tried this out this morning and as I suffer regularly from chapped lips i've become quite the connoisseur of lip balms and I can honestly say that this product is wonderful. I would definitely repurchase a full size version of this. 

As well as my five beauty products this month, I also received three sample sachets of the Egyptian Magic cream, which apparently can be used for a multitude of uses-even on the ends of your hair! I'm looking forward to seeing how this product can be used in different ways and i'm grateful for the free additional samples!

Finally, I also received a lifestyle extra, this pack of Chia shots, which contain omega 3, protein and fibre and apparently eating a tablespoon of this a day can improve your general health. I'm a bit sceptical and probably won't ever buy this, but i'm willing to give it a try!

I'm really happy with everything I got in my Birchbox this month and i'm really glad I signed up as it's a great way to try out products you wouldn't usually go for and for only £10 a month + p&p you really can't go wrong!

Find out more about Birchbox here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, are you signed up to any beauty subscription boxes? What did you get in yours this month?


  1. Looks like you really got some great things here! Especially the Laura Mercier foundation primer- I have heard so many great things!

    1. Yeah, it was a really great box, can't wait for the next one! xx

  2. really wish birch box delivered to Ireland. You have a great blog. x

    1. aw I didn't know they didn't deliver to Ireland, that sucks :(
      thanks lovely :) xx