Sunday 22 September 2013

Rootflage Review

Hello lovelies! Sorry i've been away for a while but i've just moved into a new house at uni and we don't have any wifi until OCTOBER. (Shocking, I know!) Anyway...

A few weeks ago I noticed that a company on Twitter called "Rootflage" were looking for blonde bloggers to try out their blonde mineral powder, which was created to blend away roots between trips to the hairdressers. I have been getting a full head of blonde highlights for a few years now, as I naturally have quite mousey brown hair. Therefore, roots are a pretty big problem for me, so I jumped at the chance to try out this product in the hope that it would help!

Rootflage is available in three colours; light blonde, cool blonde and warm blonde. I was sent samples of the light powder and the cool powder. The light powder was a little too white for my hair, but would be perfect for people with silver/white platinum blonde hair. The cool base powder however was a practically perfect match!

Applying the powder is really easy, it's very similar to how you would use a regular dry shampoo and it's actually quite similar to the Batiste Light & Blonde dry shampoo, which I have used before and loved. Much like dry shampoo, you sprinkle the powder onto your roots and then use your fingers to massage it into the roots slightly.

However, one major advantage that Rootflage has is the built-in applicator brush. Not only does it make it easy to brush the product through your hair and blend the product into your roots, but it also has a handy dial which you can turn to your preferred speed. If your roots aren't too bad, you'll be fine with number one or two, but if they're particularly bad or you have thick hair, you can opt for number 3, which will release more of the product.

It's clear that the makers of Rootflage have really carefully thought about the packaging, as part of the plastic cylinder actually slides up to protect the brush when you put the lid back on, so that the brush doesn't get damaged in any way, which I thought was a really nice touch.

Now, it's all well and good discussing how great the packaging is, but the real question here is does it actually work? I think the photos speak for themselves...



I am seriously impressed with this product. I know my roots are still visible, but they are definitely significantly less noticeable and the Rootflage has blended them in really naturally with the rest of my hair. This isn't a permanent effect, the powder washes out when you wash your hair, but as a temporary alternative to bleaching between hair appointments, I think this product is absolutely amazing! 

If you'd like to try out Rootflage for yourself, or check out some more before and after photos, check out their website here.

Will you be trying it out?

N.B. I was sent this product to review, however there was no obligation to promote it and all views and opinions are entirely my own.


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