Sunday 8 September 2013

Review: Avon Mega Effects Mascara

 I saw this mascara advertised a while ago and i'd never seen anything like it, so I was really excited to try this out. It has a revolutionary brush applicator, which reminds me a little of a paint brush! Avon claim that this mascara "provides panoramic volume and corner to corner coverage for dramatic definition". I agree somewhat with this statement, the tiny bristles and the small handle give you the ability to really get close to the lashline and reach even the shortest of your lashes, as well as the inner and outer corners.  However, i'd say the mascara is definitely more lengthening than it is volumising, so if you like a natural, fluttery look as opposed to heaps of volume, you should definitely try this out! I have this mascara in brown black, but it is also available in a classic black and a navy, which is very on trend right now with YSL, Chanel and many other brands bringing out coloured mascaras recently.

The packaging is compact and the handle has indentations on as you can see, which make holding the brush a bit easier. You can also bend the brush to your preferred angle, which is a nice touch. 

The novelty of this product is unquestionable, it's fun to use, but it also takes a lot longer for me to apply it, purely because i'm not used to using a mascara wand of this nature. It can also get quite messy, particularly when I use it on my bottom lashes, but I'm sure the more I use it the easier it will become for me to apply it.

Overall, i'm disappointed to say that this mascara is quite underwhelming. It's an innovative new idea for Avon and i'm sure the hype will boost sales, but honestly it's quite difficult to apply and I don't think the end result is particularly wonderful either. 

This mascara can be purchased on the Avon website for £10 or through an Avon representative. (Buying through an Avon rep may work out cheaper, as they often have deals on.) 

Have you tried this mascara out? What did you think? I'd be intrigued to know if anyone actually got on well with it! 


  1. That looks like a totally crazy contraption, haha! I would be intimidated to try a mascara wand like that... props for tackling that one.

    You were definitely right, though... it definitely appears to be better for lengthening and separating than volumizing. Lovely results nonetheless!

    1. Haha, the things I do for my readers ;)
      Yes its definitely great for lengthening!
      I'll check your blog out now!
      Beth xxx