Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Starting My MAC Palette!

Hey lovelies!
If you saw my blog sale bargains post you'll have seen that I recently bought a MAC eyeshadow palette. I only have three MAC eyeshadows so far but it's already becoming quite clear that i'm very much a neutrals kind of girl! I depotted two shadows that I already had, Wedge and Charcoal Brown and my boyfriend recently bought me All That Glitters (thanks Gavin!)

(From l-r Wedge, Charcoal Brown and All That Glitters)

Wedge: Wedge is a lovely warm-toned medium brown with a matte finish. It's a really lovely basic brown shade which I reach for all the time. I tend to use it either all over the lid as a base for a brown eye look or in the crease to add subtle definition. 

Charcoal Brown: I use this shade with a MAC 208 brush to fill in my brows. It's incredibly pigmented and matches my natural brow colour perfectly. I've tried all sorts of brow pencils and powders but this remains my favourite method of filling in my brows as it gives a bold, yet natural looking effect.

All That Glitters: There's a reason that this colour is so popular, it's absolutely lovely. It's a shimmery, gold tinted beige. I wear it on it's own all over the lid on days when I don't have much time and it looks absolutely lovely. Although it is shimmery, it has a lovely smooth texture and doesn't have any unsightly chunks of glitter in it! It also blends beautifully and because it is such a neutral colour you really can use it with anything!

You can buy MAC eyeshadows from for £12.50, but they're only £10 if you buy them without the plastic casing and put them into a palette like this, so i'd definitely recommend investing in a palette.

What were your first MAC eyeshadows? Have you got any recommendations for colours that would complement the shades that i've already got?


  1. Yay! So exciting...I love MAC shadows. Truly, nothing better ;)

    xx -b.

    1. Well, their lipsticks are pretty brilliant too ;) xx

  2. I want to start mine! I think my birthday is a great excuse :) I'm definetly getting All that glitter and the medium brown :)

    1. Definitely! It's so fun to build it up :) I'm sure you'll love them too xxx

  3. Eeee I'm starting my MAC palette soon as well so this makes me all excited haha! The shades are so so pretty :) xo

  4. Great neutral picks. The colors are pretty and perfect for everyday use. Definitely is on my Wishlist and hoping to get it soon. Thanks for sharing.
    Sincerely Renny

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  6. I only have a few MAC shadows as well and if you like neutrals you have to try naked lunch! It's a gorgeous neutral with a bit of shimmer.


  7. I have not tried any mac products. i am weird that when it is overly popular, I lose interest in the product lol. I should get over myself and try some. The browns look very nice.