Thursday 14 November 2013

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush Review

Hello again!
Today i'm going to be talking about a product that i've been using quite a lot lately and it's the Dream Touch Blush from Maybelline. Mine is in the shade Plum (#07), although the name of the blush isn't actually written anywhere on the packaging, only the number, so I had to find this out online which was a bit odd!

I assumed that as part of the "Dream" line, these blushes would be similar in texture to the famous Dream Matte Mousse, but I was very much mistaken. This is a cream blush, with quite a firm texture, which melts into the skin on application and blends really easily, giving a really natural finish. This said, I have tried using this with brushes also (the MAC 168 & 187 to be precise) and I find this gives me an equally natural looking finish. Personally I prefer using a brush as when you're working with your fingers it's slightly harder to build up the product evenly.

The colour itself is lovely, it's a very pinky plum shade with little particles of glitter in. Don't be alarmed however, the glitter isn't really visible on the skin and instead creates a slightly dewy look. The colour selection isn't great, there are only four shades, but I would love to try out more, particularly Peach (#02) which looks beautiful from photos i've seen online!

The little glass pot reminds me of the MAC paint pots and feels very high-end, which is great considering these blushes retail for a very reasonable £6.49.

I'm surprised that I like this product so much as i've never really found cream blushes overly appealing, but this blush gives such a pretty, natural looking flush that it's been perfect as part of my everyday makeup routine for university and work. 

You can buy these blushes from Superdrug and Boots in the UK, although for some reason they refer to them as "Dream Soft Blush"?

Have you tried any of these blushes? 


  1. I really like the colour, and it really suits you!

  2. Such a lovely colour & it looks great on you :)
    I'd like to try this out even though I kind of hesitate to buy creamy products, I don't know if I'd be able to use them properly haha :) xx

    1. aw thanks!
      I thought that too, but you should definitely give them a try!

  3. This looks lovely, I'd avoided them as (like you) I thought they were the same consistency as the Dream Matte Mousse. I will have to try these!

  4. I love cream blushes but am always hit or miss with maybelline-- this looks really pretty though! I love the finish!